March 4, 2024

Iotty Smart Switch Installation

Iotty Smart Switch Installation. Control with a voice assistant, alexa, google assistant or the iotty mobile app. Step 2) verify power is off.

iotty WiFi Smart Dimmer Switch 2G White Smart & Secure
iotty WiFi Smart Dimmer Switch 2G White Smart & Secure from

Free up outlet space by eliminating the need for a separate night light. Cap off the unused traveler wire; All that is needed in addition to standard wiring is a neutral wire, with a minimum depth of 35mm back box depth.

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Set iotty buttons as common on/off switches or as pulse activated buttons to control lights but also gates, external relays or automatic doors. Turn any switch into an automatic night light. Choose from white or black, and 1,2, or 3 switches on your panel.

It Is Important To Note That For The Iotty Switches, The Iotty “ L ” Lead (Live/Hot) Must Be Connected To A Constant Source Of Power And The Iotty “ N ” Lead Must Be Connected To The Neutral.

If once you install the switch with the glass face on, but it doesn’t turn on/off the light fixture…. Sync with lights, blinds, garage doors, & more. Crafted using italian ingenuity and design, the iotty smart switch is made to fit seamlessly into your home decor.

Cap Off The Unused Traveler Wire;

Control your iotty smart switch using the free iotty app, alexa, or google assistant. How an iotty smart switch 3‐way setup works: Free up outlet space by eliminating the need for a separate night light.

Connect The “N” Lead On The Iotty Switch To The Neutral In The Box;

It is relatively simple to install the iotty smart switch, but you will need to run a fixed live into two different parts of the socket, which may require some rearranging of your wiring. Schakelaar voor verlichting en poorten iotty smart switch verenigt functionaliteit en design in één apparaat. Remove your old switch, install iotty and connect it to your wifi through the app.

Crafted Using Italian Ingenuity And Design, The Iotty Smart Switch Is Made To Fit Seamlessly Into Your Home Decor.

If it does the switch must be in sync with the glass face plate… put the glass face plate back on, and reset the breaker box and they will immediately sync and work properly right away! Cap off both of the “rl1” leads on the iotty switch ; Connect the general line wire, labeled with l, with one of the two wires that come out from each rl, together with the general wire from your wall.

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